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The rise in Craft Baking. For all of us at Brasserie Bread, every baking day is different.    Why?
We believe that BreadMaking should be stress free, be time well spent to enable creations to rise up from the mixing table and develop into truly beautiful masterpieces. We say welcome to “Etching with Flour”

Welcome to Etching with flour

At Brasserie Bread we treat each baking day as a chance to create a new creation. Taking time out to create a new show stopper, a master piece, a trophy to present to our very happy and discerning customers trusting in us as equipped and able to produce.

The motto of our baking is Intention, Tenderness, Empathy, Equality

Artisan Bread can be made to be as perfect as a Parisian Baguette or maybe as a German Rye or even as an rustic and un uniformed Rustic Ciabatta or Country Loaf. What ever it is you are intending to bake the main points is to consider the process


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