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Artisan Bread Stamps



Italian Made Bread Stamp

Cylindrical Impressions into the Dough. For 100gr Dough Weight.



Circular Spiral Bread Roll Design

Made from Food Safe Moulded Plastic this circular dough stamp will allow you to create lovely impressions on your dough piece. Made In Italy.



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Kaiser Roll Stamp without Centre Hole

Moulded Plastic Dough Cutter for Kaiser Roll(kaiser semmel )



Kaiser Roll Stamp (Plastic Moulded with Centre Hole)

Kaiser Roll Stamp (Plastic Moulded with Centre Hole)



Quadrant Bread Dough Cutter

Made in Italy from Hardened Plastic. Specifically made and used for Quadrant Stamp patterns in Bread



Italian Bread Stamp Margarita.

Made from Food Grade Moulded Plastic. For making Rolls and Breads for Special Occasions



Italian Bread Stamp Honey Comb

For making ornamental Breads



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Italian Rosetta Stamp (Rose Stamp)

Made from Aluminium for 100gr Rosetta Rolls



Bread Stamp Modena

Italian Bread Stamp Modena, Made from Aluminium



Football Bread Stamp

100 gram Footballl Bread Stamp. Made in Italy and from Aluminium.



Religious Sunday Bread Stamp

Sunday Bread Stamp for 100 grams



Cube Bread Stamp

100gram Rolls Italian Cube Bread Stamp



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