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Quatro Colour Milk Bread

Todays Blog Post is is proud memory of “Porchini Mushrooms” in the hills high above the houses and lakes of Lake Como and Lake Lugano in Northern Italy.

I thought it to be fun, entertaining and quirky to try and replicate the “Porchini Mushroom” using Vegan Ingredients and some wild imagination.

Stage 1 First Dough

4 X 500 gram 24 hour Sponge (Biga)

Stage 2 Second Dough
4 x 500 gram Sponge
4 x 500 gram French Flour
4 x 10 gram Salt
1200 ml Milk (I used Milk Powder)
15 ml Oil.

For the Colours

200gram Beetroot Puree
100 gram Green Pesto (Salt Reduced) + Wheat Grass
50 grams Tomato Puree


Divide into 4 containers and evenly distribute Sponge into 4.
In each of the 4 containers Add Flour, Salt, Oil and Yeast.
Add 200 grams Milk Powder to a Pot and Stir in 1200 ml Water.

Mix Doughs either by hand or using your Dough Mixer.
Keeping colours separate at all times allow doughs to double in size (Approx 1.5 hours room temperature 19.0 C)

Divide doughs according to your needs and place into the Oven when desired.







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