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Bloomers, Cottage, 38% Hydrated Italian Starter with French Folds.

Bread is fantastic and is so versatile.  At Brasserie Bread we are individual , we all aim to cherish our individuality when Bread Making. Of course there are rules and processes to follow however our individuality helps us to understand concepts which are active, alive and quite often daring.

On a daily basis we push the boundaries of our craft,  always intrigued by the process,   What’s happening in the environment around us which leads us into an expectation of Learning and Playing around with the Art of Bread Making.

 Bloomers, Cottage & Rolls 

Day 1 

Italian Biga 38% Hydration made at 09:00

Flour   100%
Water  38%
Salt     1/2%
Yeast  1%

Day 2 

Final Dough Made a 09:00

Added Preferment + Ingredients to Final Dough

1000g Flour
630ml Water
1% Yeast
All of Preferment (500grams)

Autolyse for 60 minutes, Then Added Salt and Bulk Ferment for 3 hours.
(The temperature is cold here in Southampton, UK. 15.c)

Return at 13:00 For Scaling , Shaping and Proving and Baking



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