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Buckwheat Bread + T65 Flour

Buckwheat Flour is such a interesting Flour to bake with. Made from its Plant Buckwheat can help create a large uneven crumb structure in your doughs.
Baking with BuckWheat Preferment can add real value to differ your varieties of breads you can produce.

09:00 13/09/17  Day 1  Stage 1 Building the Pre Ferment 

Incorporate BuckWheat +French Flours 1% yeast and Water.

Mix for 5 minutes and leave covered at room temperature until 9am 14th September

After 8 Hours (Room Temperature) 18.C .

Preferment has trebled in size and is well on the way to developing flavour and crumb structure for the Stage 2. Next Photo at 9am 14 September 2017




09:00 14/09/17 Day 2 Final Stage (9am 14th September 2017)

 24 hour Preferment – Look Carefully at the airation. This has been caused by Breakdown of Simple Sugars causing pockets of Oxygen and Gas

Time To Start Mixing

Autolyse (Omitting Salt) for 20 minutes I include French Flour and Preferment into a rectangle container and will now incorporate by hand until combined. The Dough has rested and the salt is included.

This will take a further 25- 30 minutes +\- hand mixing time.

The Dough has become soft and silky. The. Colour of the BuckWheat Flour within the Pre Ferment is noticeable in this Dough.

This is the final Dough and will return in 1 hour UK time 11:30am to Scale and Shape.

12:15 . Finished Shaping and now Final Proof. (approx 2 hours)
14:15 Carefully Score, Sort and arrange the oven for baking.
Temperature we used for this product is 230. C for 25 minutes for Rolls
Temperature we used for Loaves was 230.C for 35 – 40 minutes 




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